High visibility clothing

HIGH VISIBILITY IN-471 Garments for visually signaling the user's presence, so that it is detected at risk under any daylight or artificial light beam. The protection can be obtained by the constituent material itself or by the addition garment to garment made from the fluorescent materials or with adequate retroreflectivity characteristics. There are three classes for this type of high visibility clothing (1, 2 and 3), where Class 3 which offers greater visibility and characteristics 1, the lowest. The user's visual detection is improved with a high contrast between the clothes and the background environment in which you will see as well as a further extension of the areas covered by high-visibility material. It defines three color ranges of background material and composite material, the three confer during the day, visibility in most par t of rural and urban. However, users should note the specific environment in which it operates, to determine what type of protection needed and select the color and provide the best contrast. Two tables show two kinds of materials unique characteristic. Higher levels of retroreflection, ensure better contrast and visibility. So retroreflective product should be used with higher coefficient of retroreflection.

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