Fireproof + Antistatic + Arcing

EN1149 EN11612 + + ARC EN61482 STANDARD The danger of the arc is very variable, depends on many factors: - Intensity. - Separation between electrodes. - Duration. - Distance between the bow and the worker. - Characteristics of the facility. - Nature of the arc. Its effects can be very different, depending on the energy delivered, which may range from small, on the order of 1 cal / cm ² to very large, more than 100 cal / cm ². Both rules apply to personal protective equipment Category II and Category III. When it comes to PPE Category II, is precisely the issue of a certificate by a Notified Body. When it comes to PPE Category III, is precisely the issue of a certificate by a notified body should also monitor the quality control procedure that should be subject to product manufacturing. Like any other group of protective clothing, the clothing under these rules must meet the basic requirements of EN 340, which provides the general requirements of protective clothing. Classes protective clothing according to standard ENV 50354 or EN 61482. Protective clothing according to EN 50354 or EN 61482 ENV, Category II or III, may be Class 1 or Class 2, according to the intensity of the current at which the test is performed. Class 1: 4 kA. Class 2: 7 kA. The assay can be performed on textiles or clothing, and is performed with a voltage of 400V (50Hz) and an arc length of 500 milliseconds. Often one or more pieces of clothing used jointly belong to Class 1, and adding or substituting another one to obtain a set of Class 2, for more protection. Specific marking of protective clothing for workers exposed to electric arc according to EN 50354 or EN 61482 ENV. Protective clothing should take a brochure with information written at least in the official language of the State of destination, in accordance with the requirements of the EN 340. The specific marking of each piece of protection according to EN 50354 or EN 61482 ENV must meet the following conditions: - Be present on the product or on labels attached to the product. - Be visible and indelible. - Being resistant to the number of wash cycles specified. And contain the following information: - Name, trademark and other identification of the manufacturer or his authorized representative. - Product type designation, trade name or reference. - Size according to EN 340. - The number of the standard ENV 50354 or EN 61482. - Symbol of ENV 50354 or EN 61482. - Class of ENV 50354 or EN 61482. - Icons relating to washing and maintenance. - Maximum number of cleaning cycles.

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